Good Regulatory Practice (GRP) Session with Regulatory Coordinators

Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) is organizing programme on “Good Regulatory Practice (GRP) Session with Regulatory Coordinators (RCs)” on 26 February 2014. The details of the program are as follows : 

Date : 26 February 2014 
Time : 9.00 am – 12.00 noon
Venue : Dewan Sri Baiduri, INTAN Bukit KIara
Participants: All the RCs from Ministries and Agencies.

Programme Objectives:

  1. To explain the roles and functions of RCs; and
  2. To brief on GRP implementation status

Should you have any enquiries pertaining to the program, please contact: Encik Megat Amirul Saifulnizam ( at 03-7952 1339 or Encik Muhd Adha Abd Hamid (  

Course on Utilising Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) for Better Regulation

Nama Kursus: Course on Utilizing Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) for Better Regulation

Kod Kursus: 410006

Tarikh Kursus: 8-10 April 2014 & 9-11 September 2014

Kumpulan Sasaran: Gred 41-54

Tempat Kursus: Blok Akademik INTAN Bukit Kiara

Yuran: RM30


Objektif :

i) Memahami proses-proses yang terlibat di dalam RIA sebagai kaedah untuk penggubalan atau pindaan peraturan

ii) Mengaplikasi RIA ke arah penggubalan peraturan yang baik

iii) Berupaya untuk menyediakan Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS)

Permohonan untuk menghadiri kursus ini boleh dibuat secara online melalui laman web INTAN.


Pengurus Kursus : Shamsul Ridzuan bin Idris
Nama Dihubungi : Shamsul Ridzuan bin Idris atau Rosenia Anak Medan
E-mel Dihubungi : atau
Telefon Dihubungi : 03-20847290, 03-2084 7767


Survey on Strategic Trade Act 2010

Strategic Trade Act 2010 (STA 2010) is  enacted to provide  control over the export, transshipment, transit and brokering of strategic items, including arms and related material, and other activities that will or may facilitate the design, development and production of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and their delivery systems.

Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)  is the focal point to coordinate the implementation of STA 2010 and currently in a process to review the Act to be a more trade-facilitative law, governing the industry and export communities.

The amendments that are being considered include:

  1. reviewing the need for end-use statements for permit application, especially for transit and transhipment of strategic items;
  2. possibility of introducing a provision for voluntary disclosure of violations;
  3. introducing administrative and compoundable penalties;  and
  4. reviewing the definition of brokering in the Act to be less vague.



  • seek feedback from stakeholders i.e. relevant government agencies, exporters, traders, freight forwarders and others, in improving the delivery system;
  • review existing provisions and regulations under the STA 2010;
  • ensure the Act is in-line with international practice; and
  • increase companies compliance to the STA 2010.

Please click to review : GRP-RIA Industry Consultation Document