Contact Information.

Please provide a brief outline of the proposal. This could include the following information:

• The problem that the regulation is attempting to solve, and the government’s objectives; • Any preliminary options that are being considered; and • Information on whether it is a proposal for a new regulation, or to amend an existing regulation.

Likely impact on the business and other stakeholders

An RIS is required for all proposals that are expected to have a significant impact – whether positive or negative – on businesses or non-governmental organisations, unless these costs are of a minor nature. Impacts may include: • Changes to the number or type of products and services that businesses can offer, such as: - Banning products or industry practices; and - Changing the way in which products and services can be offered for sale. • Impact on consumer demand for certain products and services, such as: - Increasing prices brought about by the regulation’s requirements; - Changing the information available to consumers; - Requiring a self-regulatory regime for an industry sector; - Changing the requirements for a licence, permit or other authorisation; - Influencing the price or quantity of goods which are sold; - Requiring conformance to mandatory standards for product/service quality; and - Changing the price or restricting the types of input available to businesses.

Compliance costs are those costs that businesses face as a result of dealing with the government.

Compliance costs include: • Requiring the collection and reporting of certain information; • Keeping abreast of certain requirements and re-training staff; • Changing operating procedures or purchasing patterns; • Cooperating with audits or inspections; and • Engaging lawyers, accountants or other advisors.


Key dates, as well as an indicative timeline, should both be clearly outlined in the box below