MPC has to carry out the function in ensuring Quality Regulatory Management System and Framework implemented. The Good Regulatory Framework in which business operates is a key determinant of their competitiveness, growth and employment performance. MPC supports the National Development Planning Committee (NDPC) as the Gatekeeper which will provide the quality control mechanism for the development of business regulatory proposals and review of existing regulations. Hence, it is timely to report regulatory review progress since the implementation of National Policy on Development and Implementation of Regulations (NPDIR) in July 2013.

This report provides information on compliance by Malaysian Government and its agencies, regulators and national standard-setting bodies. This report is prepared by MPC based data and information gathered from second review of GRP project held in 2015, in cooperation with relevant ministries and agencies. This report is also an important element of GRP processes and aid public transparency.

This report as an evidence of MPC’s role of assisting and facilitating ministries and agencies to meet the requirements and improving the quality of regulatory analysis, and in monitoring and reporting on compliance with the requirements.            

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