Focus Group of Paying Taxes (FGPT) under Special Task Force to Facilitate Business (PEMUDAH) is seeking the public’s feedback on the initiative for SMEs to embark on a full fledge Bank Payroll System to prepare, file and pay labour taxes. Thus, members of the public, business community and related stakeholders are welcomed to provide their feedback for this initiative in order to promote transparency, accountability and better implementation results.

 The objective of this initiative is to reduced 50% time taken to pay labour tax from the initial 77 hours registered in World Bank Doing Business Report 2014 and reducing administrative burden faced by businesses in complying with tax payment based on current process.

 Proposed Initiative

The initiative will focus on strengthening the utilization of Bank Payroll System to businesses as a mode to reduce time taken to prepare, file and pay labor tax in Malaysia. This recommendation was based on costs and convenience to businesses and the compatibility of bank payroll with the tax authorities’ system.  

 Further improvement, a well-integrated payroll system and e-payment service will be recommended. The most attractive attribute of the e-payment is the ability to support the implementation of a linear tax payment process which would reduce the overall time taken to complete labour tax process further.

Feedback from the public and various stakeholders

Members of the public, business community and related stakeholders are encouraged to provide written feedback on the initiative. The detail report on Paying Taxes: Reducing the Time Taken to Pay Labour Tax in Malaysia can be downloaded from MPC’s website at  The deadline for the submission of feedback and comments is by 9 Mac 2015

 All feedback can be submitted to the email address as below:

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Malaysia Productivity Corporation

12 November 2014