Public Consultation on Education Reform


Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik has set up a 13-member Education Reform Committee, the Jawatankuasa Dasar Pendidikan Negara, headed by distinguished educationist Professor Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid.

In addition to meeting various stakeholders, this committee is now seeking feedback from the general public.

All Malaysians who are interested in the future of our education system are encouraged to participate in this survey via a Google Form.

Following is an introduction message from the committee, which contains a link to the form itself.

Please submit your form before 15 Feb 2019.

To All Malaysians:

Jawatankuasa Dasar Pendidikan Negara (JKDPN) is trying to reach as many citizens as possible to contribute towards the development of education through the formulation and implementation of education Policies.

To this end, JKDPN has met hundreds of stakeholders in Face to Face discussions, Town Hall Meetings, Briefing and syndicate Discourses.

Hence, we are inviting you to also provide feedback and contribute to the betterment of our education system.

What would you like to see change/improve in our education system?

If you’d like to be part of this, please share your recommendations HERE
 or copy paste in browser this url:

If you prefer a form template, please request by emailing to us here:

Do share this with your friends and family to help us have a comprehensive collection of contributions.

Thank You.
The Secretariat of JKDPN.

Review of National Policy on Development and Implementation of Regulations (NPDIR)

Reforming Malaysia’s regulatory regime is necessary to support the country’s aspirations to become a high-income and progressive nation by 2020 whose economy is competitive through private-sector driven and people-centred growth. The introduction of a National Policy on the Development and Implementation of Regulation (NPDIR) marked another important shift towards a government-wide approach to Good Regulatory Practice (GRP). Launched in 2011 and formalized in 2013 the NPDIR is an important step in establishing a whole-of-government commitment toward improvements of GRP in Malaysia.

Since then, progress has been made, however implementation challenges are emerging. Amongst others, there relate to the issue of institutionalization, monitoring, enforcement, awareness and accountability. Therefore, there is a need to strengthen the NPDIR in terms of policy and strategy, capacity to coordinate regulatory review across government, including public engagement, service delivery, and public sector governance.

In relation to this, section 2.3 of NPDIR pertaining to Periodic Review stipulates that “MPC shall initiate a review of the National Policy on the Development and Implementation of Regulations after 5 years or earlier if the need arise…”. It is pertinent for this initiative to be in parallel with other regulatory review initiatives in the Malaysia Productivity Blueprint and Malaysia’s Doing Business ranking.

Two consultation sessions were conducted with representatives from the relevant ministries and agencies in April 2018 at Putrajaya.

The objectives of the session were as follows:

  • to gather general view on the implementation of NPDIR
  • to assess the current practices on NPDIR implementation and identity gap for improvement; and
  • to gain new ideas in strengthening the implementation of the NPDIR

Presentation slides for the consultation sessions can be downloaded here.

Public Consultation On Proposed National Industry 4.0 Policy Framework


Banner Industry-4.0_ENnew

Despite Malaysia’s strong position in the manufacturing sector which contributes on average 22% to the GDP in the last 5 years, the state of the manufacturing industry has been a case for concern as Malaysia has moved away from being an investment destination for low cost labour manufacturing activities and is challenged by lower cost competitors from emerging economies and rapidly changing technologies. As such, it is imperative for Malaysia to transform itself, at an accelerated pace, and embrace Industry 4.0 as a critical policy intervention to ensure future manufacturing competitiveness. The National Industry 4.0 Policy Framework is a comprehensive transformation agenda for the manufacturing and services sector.

 Thus, all members of the public are invited to participate in this online consultation process which will run from 12 February 2018 until 2 March 2018. Kindly click at  here or copy paste to browser this link:  to provide feedback and suggestions.

 The Draft National Industry 4.0 Policy Framework is available here