Project Implementation Phases

Kuala Lumpur has shown significant improvement for past years in dealing with construction permits. Therefore, the federal government suggested that the model used in Kuala Lumpur should be expanded to other states in Malaysia and other sectors.

In deliberating and reviewing current policies, the Technical Working Group on Dealing with Construction Permits (TWGDCP) utilises the World Bank's methodology in measuring the performance in getting the construction permits. TWGDCP establishes a baseline process practised by the external and internal technical agencies in implementing existing regulations. The subsequent stage is to develop a new model or framework that is more efficient for small scale projects.

A close collaboration approach between business and government shall see the success in streamlining the approval process, structuring pre-submission consultation and organising a proper final inspection mechanism. In this regard, TWGDCP holds frequent meetings and discussions to ensure that the targeted improvements are on the right track.