About Good Regulatory Practice

The government of Malaysia is continuously striving to maintain and enhance efficiency and competitiveness through private-sector driven and people-centred growth. GRP is one of the proven instruments to harness national efforts and resources for competitiveness and sustaining economic growth. GRP ensured that all regulations are effective in addressing the desired public policy objectives and in serving the country in a balanced and equitable approach and implemented in a transparent manner. Rule-making process will be improved to ensure that cumbersome regulations that create unnecessary burdens to society and business, discourage competition and innovation or alienate stakeholders are reduced and avoided.

GRP ensures that regulations:

  • Serve clearly identified policy goals;
  • Are effective in achieving those goals;
  • Have a sound legal basis;
  • Produce benefits that justify costs;
  • Promote innovation, are fair and equitable;
  • Are clear, simple, and practical for users;
  • Are consistent with other regulations and policies; and
  • Are compatible with trade and international trade agreements.


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GRP Convention 2019

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Economists and lawyers define ‘regulation’ in different ways. Traditionally the legal definition refers - narrowly to a subset of delegated regulatory instruments. In contrast, economists have adopted a broad ‘generic’ definition which embodies all written legal and quasi legal instruments ranging over primary legislation, secondary instruments, guidelines, circulars, codes, standards and others. This broader definition is adopted for purposes of this guide and for the MPC reviews.

As well as the content of written regulations, the way they are implemented, administered and enforced can also significantly impact on compliance burdens for businesses and the effectiveness of regulations. This is also under review.

Hence, for its reviews, the MPC is assessing both written regulation and the administration and enforcement of regulations. As depicted in figure 1, there are four broad stages to writing and implementing regulation.

four stage regulation