What is DCP?

A high-quality construction regulation is imperative for securing public safety as well as for the health of the building sector and the economy of the nation.  An effective regulatory system in Dealing with Construction Permits (DCP) helps the building to achieve the minimal safety requirement while making the process more efficient, transparent and affordable. However, striking the optimal balance between the objectives of the regulations governed by authorities and technical agencies, and business request for efficient and faster approval process can be truly challenging.


Current Malaysia performance has improved tremendously in World Bank's Doing Business Ranking from 137th in 2007 to 3rd in 2019 largely due to effective public-private partnership collaborating in one technical working group where MPC serves as the main secretariat. Besides that, establishment and further enhancement of One-Stop Centre (OSC) have reduced the number of procedures which in turn, cutting the time and compliance cost for the builder in adhering to regulation in construction permits.  

Beyond the purpose of the ranking, the technical working group has decided unanimously to expand this initiative to all local governments throughout Malaysia hence the introduction of 1State1DCP Champion led by Local Government Department (JKT), Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT), in cooperation with Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) and MPC. Until today, enormous effort has been carried out to promote this 1State1DCP Champion initiative to the local government and get the buy-in from the State Secretary and Local Authorities.